New Products & Accessories

Pre-set, Burn-out Rev Limiter
The optional burnout rev limiter is pre-set to your RPM choice, is actuated by 12-volt input. It is used to make tire temperatures more consistent for reliable launches as well as controlling burnout RPM over rev.

Tachometer Output Signal from Rev Limiter
The optional tachometer output is capable of readings of +12,000 RPM. It is an integral part of the signal input of the magneto and will indicate RFI (radio frequency interference) of the ignition system. It is a valuable addition to the rev limiter. We make two versions. One being a 5-volt square wave output and the other being a 12-volt square wave output for accommodation of variety of tachometers.This option is available to all 12 volt Rev Limiters and RPM Switch.
Dual-range Rev Limiter for Dual Magneto Race Cars
This product allows for low-side rev limiting for burnouts, launch etc, and also high-range rev limiting for engines that have twin magnetos.