Will the rev limiter hurt the engine during the misfire sequence?
During the rev limiting mode, the rev limiter absorbs all the energy of the magneto and the magneto can not cause a cross fire condition in the cap.

What happens to the engine during rev limiting?
The cylinders that are not firing will pass the fuel/air mixture out the exhaust system.

How safe is this limiter with a turbocharged or blown engine?
It is completely safe as the rev limiter prevents crossfire in the cap.

What about RFI and EMI interference?
This is sometimes a problem with some race cars wiring and proximity of electrical devices. In the case of Mallory magnetos we recommend the use of MSD Spirol Core wires (50 ohms/foot) or Vertex magnetos we recommend Taylor Thundervolt wires (40 ohms/foot). always mount unit as far as possible from the magneto (18 " or more).

What is the transition of the revlimiter from low side rev limit to the high side rev limit?
It is instantaneous because of the nature of the magneto ignition. It does not foul the spark plugs during rev limiting because of the sequence of the misfire.

Will the rev limiter save on the torque converters life expectancy?
It will definitely save on the damage of the stator, sprag, and impellers as well as ballooning.

How long have you been building rev limiters?
Since 1987.

What will the rev limiter do to my turbocharger?
It will raise the exhaust pressure and create more boost on launch (hang on).